Dean & Ransi

deamrasiMy names Dean, my first visit to Sri Lanka was on the 20th of December 2004.  We were a party of 17 people here for a wedding of 2 of our friends.  My wife, son, daughter, sister in law, and I were staying in a guest house on the beach were Rasi was working as a waiter.  My family took an instant liking to him.

The Wedding was to be on Jan 01 2005, however this never happened as the Asian Tsunami hit on December 2004 9:20 AM a day we will all never forget.  We lost all our possessions and were lucky to escape with our lives.  This is how my friendship with Rasi began.  He helped my family and many more people.  I am forever grateful.

After 4 days and much help from this man we were able to leave Sri Lanka, all though I had fallen completely in love with the place.

I returned 8 weeks after the Tsunami to see Rasi and help with volunteer work.  As time went on I wanted to help Rasi, so we started buying and selling small plots of land.  Our first build was late 2005 the couple were so happy they recommended us to other friends.  To date we have build 5 beautiful houses in this magical mystical land and are currently building a house and 8 cabanas for 2 separate couples.

If you are interested in buying and or building a house in Sri Lanka why not contact Dean or Rasi, we promise to deliver all your needs, our guarantee is Tsunami bond, one never to be broken.